What You Should Prepare Before Investing in the Stock Market?


Author: Taing Souheang


Posted on 06-Jul-2018

Investing your money is planning long-term finance for your future and it requires the investors to be well-prepared beforehand since the investment has been known as the higher return the higher risk; you may either earn or lose your money. All investors, no matter the greatest or the richest one, started from zero just like you. Without any preparation, it’s like striking an egg with a stone. For new investor, you should:

  • Improve investment knowledge and skill

You can’t depend on luck to get rich from your investment; it does require some knowledge and understanding .etc. Having basic information about stock market is not really enough in paving your investment path.  You should keep on researching about investment topic, by reading books, surfing internet, joining seminars, and follow up the news of the stock market. By continuing to learn about this topic, your investing skill will grow, so will your investment.

  • Understand your personal financial situation

Investment is all about building wealth for the future and you will need to set limited amount of budget for investing. So, you need to make sure that you have enough savings for investing purpose without having to starve yourself in the present time. In case you lose your money in investing, it’s still ok as you still have your reserved amount.

  • Set goals and objectives for investing

Investment is a long-term deal and needs time to grow; thus, it’s important to understand the purpose for which you are investing and the outcome that you expect from your investment. By setting goals, you will know how much you will need to invest and how long you should stay in the market.

  • Start small at first and play it safe

As you are new to stock market, you should start small at first; so that it would damage you less if you lose in your investment. You should learn from your experience step by step and keep improving your investment skill, so that you can invest more later on when you are confident enough.

  • Determine your level of risk tolerance

You should understand the risk of investment. Not everyone can cope up with the fear of losing all of their money in the investment. Some investors put all of their money into stock market hoping for higher rate of return from that investment; however, they will face higher risk of losing all of their money as well. By understanding your risk tolerance level; you will know how much money you can afford to lose in your investment.