Press Release: Trading Strategies towards the Winners of the Stock Trading Competition


Author: CSX


Posted on 13-Feb-2019

On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) hosted a Press Conference on Trading Strategies towards the Winners of the Stock Trading Competition to let the top 3 winners to share their trading strategies for high return rate. The event was joined by many press writers, investors, and general public with a very fruitful discussion.

Mr. HA Jong Weon, Chief Operating Officer of the CSX, said in the conference that the investment in the stock market is a very good investment target in term of investor protection and flexibility of investment. In order to succeed in the stock market, investors have to know the ability of the management (growth strategies) and business performance of the company. Investors should analyze if the stock price is overvalued or undervalued compared to the earning per share or the expected dividend distribution. He added that middle to long term investment will increase the probability of success since the stock price will move to its fair value in the longer term.

In order to obtain the 247.51% return rate during the nearly-three-month competition and become the champion, Mr. Tieng Chhnoeum said that he had been trying to analyze the trend of the price change through the change of power of the buy side and sell side to predict the future price change if it will drop or rise. Whenever there was a chance to make money, he would place order to buy or sell. He believe that information is the key factor that lead the stock price change, so he had been finding much information related to future business performance of the company as he could. Ms. Som Ny, the first runner-up with 94.82% return rate said that understanding the future growth of the company is the key point of success in the stock market. She invested in the stock of Sihanoukville Autonomous Port because she believed the future growth of the port business and the ability of the management. Mr. Lak Hong, second runner-up with return rate of 91.92%, said in his presentation that there are three big factors to consider before making investment decision. They are: 1. Potential of the company, 2. Financial soundness, and 3. Future development plan. He explained that potential of the company is the business cycle of the company, and investors should understand if that kind of business will be doing well in the future. Meanwhile, investors shall be able to read financial report of the company to understand the company financial soundness and profitability. Future business plan is also factor to determine the future price of the stock.

The press conference ended in a very friendly atmosphere and the audience had showed their interest and trust in the stock investment.