The 3rd Stock Trading Competition: Winners Found!


Author: CSX


Posted on 29-Jan-2019

Cambodia Securities Exchange has the honor to notify the public of the Winners of the Stock Trading Competition, which was held from 30 October 2018 to 18 January 2019 as following:

     1.​ Mr. Tieng Chhnoeum, Return Rate: 247.51%

     2. Ms. Som Ny, Return Rate: 94.82%

     3. Mr. Lak Hong, Return Rate: 91.92%

Along with the above top 3 winners, we also have other 5 runners-up who got the following higher return rate, which are:

     4. Mr. Chin Chan Daraly, Return Rate: 90.57%

     5. Mr. Chen Huasheng, Return Rate: 89.01%

     6. Mr. Siv Chandara, Return Rate: 86.02%

     7. Ms. Ngeth Sereina, Return Rate: 85.90%

     8. Mr. Chea Bora, Return Rate: 85.62%

We would like to congratulate to all the top 3 winners who will be prized with KHR8,000,000, KHR5,000,000, and KHR3,000,000 respectively and a trophy. The following 5 runners-up will be prized with KHR 500,000 each.

CSX will host a Press Conference on 13 February 2019 started from 10 am. All the Winners will share their trading strategies and experiences during the competition. The public, especially the existing investors, are invited to join the event with free entrance to get experiences and investment strategies in the stock selection and the time to enter and exit the market.

During the competition period, we saw the price of the 5 listed stocks went up and made the market index increase by 65.47%. Moreover, we can see that return rates of our winners are much higher than the increase of the index; this shows that the investment on the current stock market is really profitable.