The Second Listed Companies Forum on the topic of “Management Strategies for Sustainable Business”


Author: CSX


Posted on 21-Jan-2019

In the morning of 18th December 2018, Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has organized the Listed Company Forum for second time on the topic of “Management Strategies for Sustainable Business” at CSX Building. The forum was presided over by H.E. SOU Socheat, Director General of Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, H.E. HONG Sok Hour, Chief Executive Officer of Cambodia Securities Exchange, as well as the management from several listed companies. This forum aims to increase the confidence of investors on listed companies through meeting directly with the company management to understand about their business and financial situation, and the short-term and long-term development goals as well.

The forum was conducted within the whole morning with the presentations and panel discussion which have been participated as honorable guest speakers by related entities in the securities sector, such as, SECC, Phnom Penh SEZ Plc., Grand Twin International (Cambodia) Plc., Phnom Penh Autonomous Port, as well as Yuanta Securities (Cambodia) Plc.. Within this forum, the guest speakers will conduct presentations about key information of their companies, such as, business performance, financial statement, potential growth of the company and the sectors as well as the driven factors for sustainable growth, plus the panel discussion which was honorably moderated by H.E. Hong Sok Hour, Chief Executive Officer of the CSX.

This forum concluded in a fruitful and friendly manner as there were approximately 80 participants from related entities in securities sector, potential individual and institutional investors from financial institutions, as well as the publics. The forum will be organized five times per year, and quarterly forums will be held at the CSX building after the quarterly financial reports are officially published and joined by two or three listed companies. Annual forum will be taken part by all listed companies as well as other related entities in the securities sector.