Market recorded an unprecedented trading volume with Negotiated Trading Method (NTM)


Author: CSX


Posted on 25-Dec-2018

On 24th December 2018, CSX market closed with 2,150,535 shares traded, the highest of all time since opening the market in 2012, according to the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX). The previous record was 939,498 shares traded on July 05, 2017.

All the five listed stocks were traded throughout the morning but PAS stock accounted for 99% of total traded shares on this day. It is important to note that the record volume is driven mainly by a negotiated trade of PAS at 2,144,300 shares through SBI Royal Securities as a broker, while the rest by an auction based trading method. This is the second time NTM was used for trading at CSX since it was introduced earlier this year, whereas the first time used in trading PPAP stock at 73,098 shares in April.

To recall, NTM is a new trading method introduced to the market for implementation in January 2018 in addition to Auction Trading Method (ATM). NTM allows investors to buy or sell a large quantity of stocks or bonds in a single transaction and at a negotiated price with the counter party. ATM is an auction based trading method where investors shall place their bids and asks into the system for matching according to the matching rules and price and time priority.