The Number of Investors Breaks Record in the Second Semester of 2018


Author: CSX


Posted on 11-Dec-2018

The number of investors in the securities market has been increasing dramatically during 2018. The number has been doubled and reached over 20,000 by the end of November 2018. This is because people started to feel optimistic to the market by having seen the previous market ongoing development. The market will be more attractive with various upcoming products and completed infrastructure. With more than 6 years of market development, the market has reached a new era with remarkable result. With the variable of products in the market, investors may also find the stock market a better investment opportunity because it is a good choice to diversify their investment portfolio.

Following are some positive catalysts which stronger boost this increase:

  1. Macro Economy Growth: with the previous average of 7% annual growth of the GDP and the projection of 7% in the later years, there will be more investment into the economy. Investors have found that the stock market is a good choice to diversify their investment portfolio.
  2. Growth of Business Performance of Listed Companies: With high earnings ratio of most of the listed companies and the high dividend yield, more and more investors are entering the market. The average dividend yield in 2017 of the five listed stocks is around 4%-5%.
  3. Education and Stock information dissemination: the securities market put their effort on education through activities, such as the monthly training, Listed Company Forum, Seminar for Professor, Media Training, Oversea IR, creation of and Phsahun App.

This huge increase of the number of investors drives the market more liquid and looks attractive to new investors. Stock price has a bullish trend, as well as the market index. Good future perspective and opportunities are also along the way. With the upcoming listed stocks and bonds, the trading will be more active and this will attract more companies to go public.

CSX will continue to expand its investor base and boost its development.