Announcement on PhsarHun Application for Securities Market in Cambodia

Source: CSX

Author: CSX


Posted on 03-Oct-2018

PhsarHun App is a collection of digital information and data site about investment in securities market. PhsarHun gathers the information about market data, listed companies, securities firms, and investment knowledge, etc.  In addition to the launching of PhsarHun on Android devices, investors can now download this application on iOS devices and update for the new version on Android devices. Furthermore, PhsarHun is also an information system for investment which facilitates the trading in securities market, as well as a vital partner of CSX’s Mobile Trading System (MTS).

What can Investors find on PhsarHun App?

  1. Investor Guide: gathers educational articles and videos about basic investment knowledge aiming to guide the public who are interested in starting to invest in securities market.
  2. Market Data: show the index trend of CSX and listed companies, as well as display the real-time stock price, trading volume, trading value and other information of listed companies. Since this section is always up-to-date with market data, investors can search for information for the purpose of trading on the securities market easily.
  3. Listed Companies: show necessary news of all listed companies, such as, business description, financial statement, dividend policy, disclosure, and analysis of company growth as well. From this section, investors can search for the situation of each listed company before deciding to invest into any company.
  4. Securities Firms: introduce the 10 securities firms who are the members of CSX. Investors can search for the information about each firm, as well as their commission fee, before deciding to select one to be your broker to facilitate your investment in the securities market.
  5. Knowledge: is an important source for all investors in studying and researching about investment in securities market, as this section gathers a lot of documents, including rules and regulations document, monthly training document, publications, and e-book, etc., which are published by CSX.
  6. News: update necessary information and news related to securities market in Cambodia.
  7. Weekly Topics: gather the educational articles which are written relevant to the investment sector and posted once per week.
  8. Events: promote all events and seminars arranged by CSX and the members of CSX.

What’s New on PhsarHun App?

For the PhsarHun App on iOS devices and the newly updated version on Android devices, CSX has added necessary functions, which will facilitate the users in accessing to the information about securities market, such as followings:

  1. Khmer Language facilitates the Cambodian users
  2. Disclosure of Listed Companies
  3. Notifications for News, Weekly Topic, Events of CSX, and Disclosure of Listed Companies which will show up immediately to the users
  4. Glossary in Khmer and English.

Downloading PhsarHun App

The investors, who wish to use PhsarHun App, can download this application from Play Store or App Store for free of charge. For the current Android users of PhsarHun App, you can update for the new version on Play Store now.

We, Cambodia Securities Exchange, hope that this application will facilitate and benefit to all investors in extracting data and information about securities market.