Press Release "The price of PAS stock hits all-time high"


Author: CSX


Posted on 18-Sep-2018

            On September 18th, the stock of Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) closed at the upper limit price of KHR 6,680 per share, the highest since it was listed on the CSX in 2017.

            In the meantime, the prices of PPAP and GTI stocks also rose to KHR 6,400 per share and KHR 3,100 per share, respectively, while the other two stocks – PWSA and PPSP – last traded at their respective base prices 3,250 and 2,800. These resulted in CSX market closing at 356.70 index points, an increase of 4.80%.

            Stock investment bring about two major benefits which include capital gains – the unrealized profits attributable to the rise of stock price after holding the stock over a period of time, and cash or stock dividends – money or stocks paid to shareholders of the listed company, generally out of the company’s earnings or accumulated profits.

            Taking PAS stock into explanation, the stock’s IPO price (IPO or Initial Public Offering price refers to the price at which investors buy the shares directly from the company when it issued share for raising funds) was KHR 5,040. Say, an investor invested in PAS stock from the IPO date. He/she has now achieved a capital gain of 32.54% from this investment. Last year, he/she received cash dividend of KHR 403 per share for 2017, making dividend yield of about 8% compared to the IPO price. In simple calculation, the investor has gained roughly 40.54% from investing in PAS.