The Winner of The Best Securities Broker Award Program for Q2 2019


Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) is pleased to announce that the winner of The First Best Securities Broker Award Program for the second quarter of 2019 goes to SBI ROYAL SECURITIES PLC.   

Best Securities Broker Award Program is initiated by the CSX with an aim to promote the trading activities in CSX and to reward an outstanding securities brokerage company for their excellent service provision in intermediating investors’ trade. This program is prepared on a quarterly basis and only securities companies who are the members of the CSX are eligible to participate in the program. All securities companies are evaluated based on three main criteria, including trading value​ under client’s account (60%), number of new trading accounts opened (20%), and Mobile Trading System - MTS usage (20%).  

In the second quarter of 2019, the trading value of investors of SBI Royal Securities Plc., alone reached 243.21 billion riels. Along with this, the new trading accounts opened by the company in the quarter was 100 accounts while the numbers of new MTS accounts was 68 accounts, and trading value by MTS accounts was 1.09 billion riel.