1. PPAP’s revenue from Port Operation and Port Authority doubled over the last 5 years between 2012 and 2016, growing at an annual rate of 11.34%
  2. Its exclusive business coverage extends from Phnom Penh to:

- Neak Leung at the Lower Mekong River (56km)

- Tonle Bet at the Upper Mekong River (105km)

- The Tonle Sap River (7km)

PPAP is one of the two international ports in Cambodia and is the largest river port operator and port authority within the Port Commercial Zone. The Port Commercial Zone is 160 km long, stretching from Thbong KhmomProvince to the border of Cambodia-Vietnam at Kaom Samnor.​ In 2015, PPAP obtained the exclusive right as the port operator within the Port Commercial Zone. PPAP operates 4 main terminals: 1-Container Terminal (LM17), 2-Multi-purpose Terminal (TS3), 3-Passenger Terminal (TS1), and 4-Tonle Bet Terminal (UM2).

Year of established 1905
Number of employee 487
Auditor KPMG Cambodia Ltd.
Future Plan
  1. Improve the cargo handling capacity of LM17 to 300,000 TEUs (Phase II)
  2. Euip LM17, TS3, UM2, and Mekong Sentosa Logistics (MSL) with general cargo handling equipment
  3. Improve the cargo handling capacity of LM17 to 500,000 TEUs (Phase III)
  4. Develop a Specialized Bulk Terminal
  5. Modernize the Tourist and Passenger Terminal
  6. Develop a logistics center within the Port’s supporting facilities
  7. Improve the Navigation Channel
Net Income 21,688.61( Mil. KHR)
Revenue 76,273.72 ( Mil. KHR)
Industry Port Services
Address No. 649, Preah Sisowath Quay, Sangkat Sras Chork, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Telephone (+855) 23 427 802
E-mail ppapmpwt@online.com.kh
Website http://www.ppap.com.kh/
1. H.E. Hei Bavy Chairman and CEO
2. H.E. Suon Rachana Member (Rep. of Ministry of Public Works and Transportation)
3. H.E. Ken Sambath Member (Rep. of MEF)
4. H.E. Penn Sovicheat Member (Rep. of Ministry of Commerce)
5. Mr. Gui Anvanith Member (Independent Director)
6. Mrs. Chuon Sokhem Member (Rep. of Employees of PPAP)
7. Mr. Dith Sochal Member (Non-Executive Director, Rep. of Private Shareholders)


Phnom Penh Autonomous Port (PPAP) has been tried to facilitate government mission on poverty deduction by contributing the necessary resources to rebuild infrastructure such as road, irrigation, school and other equipment for people in rural area. Some of port employees are schedule to visit rural area to actively work with residents in modernizing their life and provide some necessary assistance to them.

(Mil. KHR)
2015 2016 2017
Asset 647,909.44 659,556.91 680,460.46
Cash 35,521.84 27,255.76 47,305.34
Account Receivable 11,827.51 11,847.71 12,148.58
Inventories - - -
Current assets 47,349.35 39,103.47 59,453.92
Property, Plant and Equipment 568,455.03 585,996.36 586,798.20
Liabilities 134,501.38 138,407.23 140,159.15
Account Payable 7,714.37 9,303.12 10,136.44
Current liabilities 10,316.34 11,278.27 20,771.67
Equity 513,408.07 521,149.68 540,301.31
Share capital 447,885.45 457,813.94 457,813.94
Retained Earnings 12,829.70 12,820.18 21,323.68
2015 2016 2017
Revenue 61,458.19 66,065.61 76,273.72
Gross Profit 39.00 43.00 50,139.81
Earnings Before Interest & Tax 22,442.37 24,435.34 30,087.73
Net Income 12,943.51 16,566.19 21,688.61
2015 2016 2017
Operating Cash Flow 19,359.56 27,152.76 35,690.24
Investing Cash Flow (6,658.65) (33,083.53) (12,261.14)
Financing Cash Flow 15,428.03 (2,166.03) (3,339.80)
Net Cash Flow 28,128.94 8,096.81 20,089.31
2015 2016 2017
Type of dividend Cash Cash Cash
Period of dividend 2015 2016 2017
Total dividend - KHR 1,059,039,488 KHR 1,270,847,386
Dividend payout ratio - 35.16% 29.27%
Dividend per share - KHR 281.6 KHR 307
Dividend yield - 5.31% 5.86%
Record date - 24-Mar-2017 12-Mar-2017
Payment date - 29-Mar-2017 16-Mar-2017

To encourage the investment in the IPO, PPAP’s BOD has adopted a dividend policy with the minimum guaranteed dividend yield of 5% based on the IPO price for the period of at least 5 years after being listed. This guaranteed dividend is only available for the shareholders of Class A shares while the holder of Class B and C shares, is not entitled to receive the guaranteed dividend. In accordance with Article 32-Profit Association of PPAP AOI, the available net income for the dividend distribution shall be determined in line with the principle of profit allocation as follows:

  1. Compensation for losses incurred in previous years
  2. After the compensation for loss, the remaining profit, if any, shall be distributed in the following manner:
  • Incentive to the management and employees:
  1. If the remaining profit accounts for 5% to 10% of the operating expenses of PPAP, the reward shall equal to the amount of one month of total salary of management and each employee.
  2. If the remaining profit account for 11% to 20% of the operating expenses of PPAP, the reward shall equal to the amount of two months of total salary of the management and each employee.
  3. If the remaining profit accounts for 21% or more of the operating expenses of PPAP, the reward shall equal to the amount to the amount of three months of total salary of the management and each employee.
  • 5% of the net profit after the deduction of incentive to the management and employee as the Legal Reserve.
  • 5% of the net profit after the deduction of incentive to the management and employees as the Free Reserve.
  • Reserve for Development Fund


2015 2016 2017
2.60% 3.20% 4.09%
2.05% 2.53% 3.24%
EPS (KHR)[6]
768.91 800.90 1048.55
Current Ratio 4.59% 3.47% 2.86%
Gross profit margin 64.44% 65.52% -%
Operating profit margin 36.52% 36.99% -%
Net profit margin 21.06% 25.08% -%
Sales growth rate 14.50% 7.50% -%